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Our goal is to awaken in Catholic men a desire for a relationship with Jesus. Our focus is on the The MAN CRISIS in our church.. There are 11 million men in America that were raised Catholic but have left the faith. If a father does not go to church, only one child in 50 (2%) will become a regular worshipper with another 37% worshipping irregularly: 60% will be lost to the Church. Only about 1/3 of Catholic men (36%) say they attend Mass on a weekly basis. A Fishers of Men group is a place where men come together to support, encourage, and hold each other accountable on their spiritual journey.

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About Us

Our focus is on giving men a place to belong, to connect with other men, to make friends while being educated, inspired, engaged in wanting to hear, learn, and do more spiritually.

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Fisher's Handbook

Find out more about Who we are, What we do and other Frequently Asked Question’s

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Crossing The Goal

We recommend the Crossing the Goal content for meetings. These Spiritual Fitness Workouts use content that is professionally produced by men for men and is theologically sound.

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Why I'm Catholic

Read Scott Leary’s: Why I’m Catholic – The term Catholic means “universal”, and for 2000 years has referred to those who associate themselves with the Church founded by Jesus Christ on the Rock of Peter

Based in Memphis, TN, Fishers of Men offers authentic friendship utilizing small faith sharing groups.

the home of Fishers of Men Groups and the annual Men’s Morning of Spirituality event


Everyone has a story to tell, see more here

  We welcome new participants! Meetings consist of Fellowship, Praise and worship songs, group prayer, group sharing, and study.

We believe that knowing the TRUTH is essential for spiritual growth.

  • God loves everyone and wants them to join Him in heaven

  • We are all sinners by nature.

  • God became man as Jesus Christ who died for us in reparation for all sins so that we may have eternal life with Him.

  • We must accept His gift with a response; repent, believe, and invite Jesus to come into our lives.

  • We must abide in Jesus and His Church by obeying his teachings and living a Sacramental life.

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