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One response to “Bill Platten”

  1. John Platten says:

    We are devastated by the loss of my Brother and at the same time joyously celebrating his life and entrance into heaven.

    If you know him, you know what you would be hearing him say. “Why are you crying. I have been working for this all my life. I want you to be happy that I am with my heavenly father.” Then he would have something humorous to say so that you would feel better. (Not everyone appreciated his sense of humor)

    Then in his serious Dad voice he, would ask you to do something that would seem so simple, that you could not even think of not doing it. He had a way of knowing exactly what that one thing is for you.

    I bet that thing just came to your mind. Now you’re thinking, “Yeah, I remember that time when………”
    And whether or not you did that thing, I’d ask you to do it now or do it again. I know I have of several of those things I need to do now.

    His daughter Julie said that he called it a ripple. Like a ripple in the water. You just never know where in this world that ripple you created will travel and who it will touch.

    I think of how powerful Bill’s ripple is. It will last for generations.

    I think my ripple could never be as great as Bill’s. I know it doesn’t have to be huge to make an impact.

    Bill was hit by somebody’s ripple. It could of been a small ripple or a combination of ripples. But wow, look what happened to it.

    He made that ripple so much stronger and so much wider and touched so many people. He would say, “Don’t underestimate your ripple. You’ll probably never know the power of your ripple”

    So if you want to do something to celebrate Bill, make a ripple.

    You did good brother. I love you.