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Fishers of Men is a 501c3 organization whose major initiatives are Fishers of Men small faith sharing groups and the annual Men’s Morning of Spirituality men’s conferences. We are governed by a board of directors.


Our Officers

Bill Platten
President, Fishers of Men

Attending Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church. I am working in Men’s Ministry because I know that the solution to many of the issues facing our Church and our culture is Godly men taking a strong leadership position and doing the right thing. God needs us to lead our families and our society back to Him. It will not happen if YOU don’t make it happen.

Steve Bowie
Trustee, Fishers of Men

Parishioner at Church of the Holy Spirit and member of OLPH Fishers of Men group. Though I serve in a variety of music and not-for-profit ministries, Men’s Ministry is a key commitment for me because I believe it’s the central focus of Holy Spirit’s initiative to renew the Church…by capturing men’s hearts for a personal relationship with Christ, equipping them with solid teaching about the faith, and walking with them through practical friendship in their spiritual journey. Fishers of Men has been a life-changing experience for me.

Steve Fracchia
Board Member, Fishers of Men

COO/CFO @ Southeastern Asset Management, Inc., attending Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I am involved in Men’s Ministry because of our calling by Jesus Christ to go and make fishers of men. It took some pretty loud men to call me! And I am doing my best to return the favor by doing my part to bring souls to Jesus Christ by living the Love that only comes through Him.

Bryan Crowe
Board Member, Fishers of Men

Attending Holy Spirit Parish. I have worked for over 30 years as an actuary in employee benefit consulting and am currently a small business owner with my wife Mary in Germantown. I am involved with Men’s ministry as my Yes to share God’s word and love to others.

Dave Kevern
Founder, Past President, Fisher of Men
Vice President Worldwide Services, FedEx

“It’s hard to describe the richness that God, through the Fishers of Men, has delivered to my life and family by holding me accountable to Worship, Study, and Action, and specifically, by helping men advance in their faith journeys. Fortunately, I said yes to HIS invitation long ago, Christ calls you to do the same, today and always. Join us.

Dave founded Fishers of Men in Memphis Tennessee in 2005, he produced and emceed the first 10 Men’s Morning of Spirituality Conferences.  As an active board member, Dave is currently focused on expanding Fishers of Men nationally.

Sam Mauck
Board Member, Fishers of Men

Sam Mauck has been serving the Diocese of Memphis as the Director of Catholic Campus and Young Adult Ministry since May 2011. Before that, he had a 10-year career in Student Affairs in Higher Education. He works in men’s ministry because he’s seen a need for Catholic men to regain an understanding of their identity as son’s of God through their Baptism. He believes it is important for men to explore their role as sons, husbands, brothers, and friends in an intentional way. He attends Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Memphis with his wife, Jessica, and his two sons, Augustine and Gabriel.

The Mission and Purpose of the Fishers of Men, Memphis

Fishers of Men is a Catholic men’s ministry which calls, equips and encourages men through an experience of authentic friendship to become active disciples of Jesus Christ.


Our goal is to awaken in Catholic men a desire for a relationship with Jesus. Our focus is on the The MAN CRISIS in our church.. There are 11 million men in America that were raised Catholic but have left the faith. If a father does not go to church, only one child in 50 (2%) will become a regular worshipper with another 37% worshipping irregularly: 60% will be lost to the Church. Only about 1/3 of Catholic men (36%) say they attend Mass on a weekly basis. A Fishers of Men group is a place where men come together to support, encourage, and hold each other accountable on their spiritual journey.


We try to ensure that our meetings are welcoming to new participants and meaningful to current participants. We welcome new participants! Meetings consist of Fellowship, Praise and worship songs, group prayer, group sharing, and study.

We believe that knowing the TRUTH is essential for spiritual growth

  • God loves everyone and wants them to join Him in heaven

  • We are all sinners by nature.

  • God became man as Jesus Christ who died for us in reparation for all sins so that we may have eternal life with Him.

  • We must accept His gift with a response; repent, believe, and invite Jesus to come into our lives.

  • We must abide in Jesus and His Church by obeying his teachings and living a Sacramental life.


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