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  • Posted by FOM
  • On January 31, 2017

St. John Bosco

I have another dream to tell you, a sort of aftermath of those I told you last Thursday and Friday, which totally exhausted me. Call them dreams or whatever you like. . . . I spent the whole next day worrying about the miserable night in store for me, and when evening came, loath to go to bed, I sat at my desk browsing through books until midnight. The mere thought of having more night­mares thoroughly scared me. However, with great effort, I finally went to bed. Lest I should fall asleep immediately and start dreaming, I set my pillow upright against the headboard and practically sat up, but soon, in my ex­haustion, I simply fell asleep. Immediately the same person of the night before appeared at my bedside. “Get up and follow me!” he said. (more…)

Dream of Saint John Bosco: to Hell and Back
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Seek is Broadcasting Live

  • Posted by FOM
  • On January 5, 2017
SEEK: Live This week, over 12,000 adventurers are gathered for SEEK2017. Follow the action live from San Antonio! Select conference sessions will be streamed live on our Facebook page as well as right here! See below for the full schedule.
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